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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The Mad Pixel Factory S.L. (hereafter, “Madpixel” or “us”) offers “Madgazine” so that you can create interactive online magazines from your computer (hereafter “publications”) as well as acquire personalized applications (hereafter, “Apps”) that let readers get free access to said magazines on mobile devices, after said Apps have been downloaded from the Appstore or Googleplay. Downloading Apps from other providers must be expressly authorized by us.

By using “Madgazine”, you accept the following conditions of use (hereafter “The Conditions”).

Madpixel reserves the right to update or modify the Conditions by publishing the new conditions on our website and/or by notifiying you of the modification. All changes will take effect immediately upon publication. Please review these Conditions regularly. The use of “Madgazine” after the publication of any changes in the conditions implies acceptance of said changes.

The violation of any of the Conditions will lead to the cancellation of your account on the part of Madpixel and thus, the suspension of service or, if applicable, its non-renovation without prejudicing any other actions we might take as a consequence of said violation if it should prove to be damaging to MadPixel.

1. Account

1.1. In order to use “Madgazine” you must have full legal capacity and personally open the account (“Account”). Accounts registered may not be registered by any automatic method whatsoever.

1.2. In order to be able to open your Account you must provide your complete legal name, a valid email address and any other information that may be required in the process of completing the application process.

1.3. You must accept the obligation to insure that you will keep your password out of the reach of third parties. MadPixel accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences resulting from not fulfilling this commitment.

2. Contents

2.1. You are responsible for acquiring all authorizations and intellectual property rights needed to use the content that you include in your publications unless these have been provided by us. Said user-provided contents will not infringe the right to honor, privacy or reputation of third parties. You, the user, are responsible for any damages to MadPixel or any third parties caused by not fulfilling said obligation.

2.2. You, the user, may not use “Madgazine” for any illegal purposes or include links in your publication or contents to any illegal content or services. If your publications are hosted in our server, we reserve the right to remove those contents or publications that infringe the rights of third parties or any current legislation.

3. Website, platform y service

3.1. The Website, platform and service that make up Madgazine, the software that support them and the the distinguishing characteristics that appear in them, are the property of Madpixel or its suppliers. You may not copy, distribute, license or sell any of it, all or in part, without previous authorization in writing from us.

3.2. Reverse engineering of the software programs used in Madgazine is expressly forbidden.

4. Payment of contracted services

4.1. All fee bearing services will be paid for by means of PayPal at the time the services are contracted and will give the the user right to the services included in the modality chosen as described in the Madgazine website.

4.2. Once a service is paid for there is no refund regardless of whether such things as the total number of possible publications or the maximum number of views are used in their entirety or not.

4.3. The publications contracted must be created within one year of their acquisition. In the cases of the “Free” and “Pro” licenses this one year limit also applies to the views which must also take place in the space of one year.

5. Modifications of Conditions and licenses

5.1. Madpixel retains the right to modify its criteria for the current Conditions and licenses for each and every service contract modality. When these modifications affect prices and/or the characteristics of the service (e.g. number of pages of each publication or number of magazines contracted) these conditions will not be applicable to those contracts made prior to the date of publication of said modifications.

5.2. Likewise, Madpixel has the right to modify the technology used in Madgazine as long as this does not jeopardize the services contracted.

6. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Spanish legislation will govern any relations between you, the user, and Madpixel regarding Madgazine.

You, the user, accept that any conflict that may arise between you and Madpixel regarding services contracted will be settled by the courts of Madrid, Spain.

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